Jenny Gringer Art

Hey There!

My name is Jenny and I am an artist and printmaker.  My style tends to be raw and expressive, a combination of personal taste and limited skill. My subject matter is a blend of emotionally expressive animals, still lifes of whatever is in front of me, and topics of a political nature.  

Upcoming Projects:

I am working with the City High School drama department on a series of puppets and masks for the December 6-8th performance of the Christmas Carol.  Come check it out!

Places to Purchase my Work:

The Maker's Loft, 125 South Dubuque Street, Iowa City, IA.


Two Fish Gallery in Elkhart Lake, WI:

If you see a piece I've done that you are interested in purchasing, don't hesitate to shoot me an email and we can talk about pricing.  

I hope you enjoy this site.  While I try to update it regularly, it's often a few months between updates. For more up-to-date work, I post almost daily on Instagram, casual sketches, process shots, occasional family/vacation shots, and new work.  Feel free to follow me @ JGRINGER.


Artist, Bon Vivant, Daredevil